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The Alchemy of Oil Painting


30 September – 16 December 2022 / 10.00am – 4.00pm
12 Fridays / No half term break

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This course will focus on the classical techniques and processes of oil painting, covering drawing, ground preparation, underpainting and glazes. Through a series of set projects you will gain a better understanding of tone, colour, painting technique and application. You will work from still life, the model and historical material, with scope for personal work and experimentation. Each project will be held over some weeks to allow for more in-depth work. You will explore mixing and creating materials and painting mediums and have the opportunity to try out complementary media like tempera.

30 September – 16 December 2022 / 10.00am – 4.00pm
12 Fridays / No half term break

Tutor: Gianluca Rotelli
Course #: FR34

Materials List

Materials List

• N4 to N12 Cornelissen series 44 Hog Bristle Filbert
• N4 To N12 Rosemary classic Filberts
• N1 to N6 Rosemary Evergreen acrylic

• Wooden palette approx 25 x 35cm (or a disposable palette available from the Heatherleys shop)
• Painting knife size 1 or 3 (for mixing colours on the palette)
• Dipper – ideally a double dipper

Odourless thinners
(turpentine and white spirit are not permitted in school) Sansodor is most commonly used in Heatherleys and available in the shop

• jam jar (for cleaning brushes)
• A roll of paper kitchen towel or similar (for cleaning brushes as you paint).
• Painting Medium – optional and we can discuss the merits of using painting mediums later on. Fundamental basis medium is ” Linseed oil”.

Colours needed at the start of the course:
Needed on first day
• Warm white lead alternative (Michael Harding)
• Titanium White (Michael Harding)
• Yellow Ochre (Michael Harding)
• Yellow lake (Michael Harding)
• Cadmium Red light ( Mussini)
• Cobalt blue deep (Michael Harding)
• Raw Umber ( Mussini)
• Alizarin red (Michael Harding)
• Cerulean blue (Michael Harding)
• Ultramarine blue (Michael Harding)
• Sap green (Mussini)
• Ivory black ( Michael Harding)

Drawing Materials
• Artist Sketchbook (A4)
• Drawing pencils “3H to 4B”
• General Charcoal pencil HB to 4B
• Grey Putty Rubber
• Masking Tape

Sourcing Materials
Basic quality canvases and boards can be purchased from the Heatherley’s shop and range in sizes from 10” x 12” to 20” x 24”.
• A basic range of other art materials, including paints and brushes is also available from the Heatherley’s shop.
• Because of the specialised nature of this course you will need to purchase most of your materials from professional art shops. Good ones are Jacksons, Cornelissen, Cass Art. Jacksons in particular are very well stocked and a good price.


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