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Progressing with Portrait Painting


23 September – 9 December / 6.30pm – 9.00pm
12 weeks / No half term break

Tutor: Gianluca Rotelli

Course #: MN05

Bookings for this course will be released on 28-May-2024 at 14:00


Progressing with Portrait Painting

Take your portrait painting to the next level. A course for those with experience of portrait painting and drawing who want to advance their skills.

On this course we’ll consider questions of perception and identity in relation to a variety of artists including Rembrandt, Manet and Sargent.

We’ll explore and evaluate the use of photography as a visual source and how the fleeting moment is translated into painting.

23 September – 9 December / 6.30pm – 9.00pm
12 weeks / No half term break

Tutor: Gianluca Rotelli

Course #: MN05

Materials List

Materials list

• N4 to N12 Cornelissen series 44 Hog Bristle Filbert
• N4 To N12 Rosemary classic Filberts
• N1 to N6 Rosemary Evergreen acrylic

• Wooden palette approx 25 x 35cm
• Painting knife size 1 to 3 (for mixing colours on the palette)
• Dipper – double dipper ideally

• Jam jar (for cleaning of brushes)
• A roll of paper kitchen towel or similar (for cleaning brushes as you paint)
Painting Medium – optional and we can discuss the merits of using painting mediums later on. Fundamental basis medium is ” Linseed oil”.

• Linseed oil
• Walnut oil
• Poppy oil
• Mastic varnish
• Damar varnish
• Larch Venice Turpentine
• White courtrai drier

Oil Paints
Needed on first day
• Warm white lead alternative (Michael Harding)
• Titanium White (Michael Harding)
• Yellow Ochre (Michael Harding)
• Yellow lake (Michael Harding)
• Cadmium Red light ( Mussini)
• Cobalt blue deep (Michael Harding)
• Raw Umber ( Mussini)
• Alizarin red (Michael Harding)
• Cerulean blue (Michael Harding)
• Sap green (Mussini)
• Ivory black ( Michael Harding)

Drawing Materials
• Artist Sketchbook (A4)
• Drawing pencils “3H to 4B”
• General Charcoal pencil HB to 4B
• Grey Putty Rubber
• Masking Tape

Please only bring low odour thinners with you or buy them from the school shop. For health & safety reasons we do not allow the use of white spirit or turpentine at Heatherleys.


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