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Thursday 24th November 2022, 4.30 - 6pm

Artist Michael Ajerman presents his lecture on former student of Heatherleys, the artist Walter Sickert.

Thursday 24th November 2022, 4.30 – 6pm

Walter Sickert is an artist who is an odd bridge of English and French painting in the changing world of the late 1800’s leading well into the 20th Century. Drawing from James Whistler and Edgar Degas, his work is a constant tension between fast and slow. As a young man who worked in the theater, his painting never lost the notion of theatricality. Nor his life.

Straws of Sickert will put a light on his formative years, a close discussion of his Camden Town Nudes, and his unique late work derived from photographic sources.

Talk will be an hour. Followed by Q and A.


Lecture Highlights

In case you couldn’t make it, here are some of the highlights from our lecture on Heatherleys alumnus Walter Sickert.

Michael took us on a wonderful journey through Sickert’s artistic journey. He talked about his relationship with Whistler. Their walks to the river and memory exercises to help them recall details for later paintings. Sickert’s sketches of dance halls and  how much preparation, drawing and study he did before his paintings.

The paintings look spontaneous, effortless. Yet, we discover, they are carefully considered and developed.




Banner Image: Miss Earhart’s Arrival 1932 by Walter Richard Sickert 1860-1942