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Oh Comely Interview with Lady T

Our wonderful model, ’Lady T’, has been featured in the latest issue of Oh Comely magazine.

In it she says:
’I’m a trained architect but I started modelling five years ago. I saw an advert on Facebook, looking for models. I’ve always liked performing – I used to play bass in a band. When I model, I feel like I’m in a very different headspace. I don’t feel unprotected even though I’m not wearing clothes. I feel empowered when I’m naked.

People say to me ’You’re an architect, what are you doing?’ but I enjoy it, it’s creative and they pay me. Wow. So why not? It’s something I wish I’d discovered when I was younger. I’m learning so much about myself and other people. Anyone can be a model – it’s important to represent all ages, to make people see that there’s someone behind this body.

I am bothered about my health. One thing that’s important to find poses that your body can hold without stressing it too much. With every pose, I think about what it’s doing to my body – if you’re stretching it in one pose, you need to relax it in the next.

You also need to work with what’s around in terms of space. Every time is different. And it’s about understanding how people react to your poses. During breaks, I go around and see how people have done. If there’s something a bit more I can do, I do… it’s all learning as you go – it’s not an easy job at all.

It’s a lot about empathy, and quickly understanding what the tutor wants. What is their aim for the class? Depending on their cues, I feel less or more creative. If they like you, they’ll try and challenge you.

It’s a balance between being friendly and curious and not being too much. You’ve got to leave space for other people’s interpretations. But I like poses when I involve props, as people can imagine a personality. My favourite depiction of me with a crown I was using as a prop – the image is my Facebook header.

I find the experience spiritual. You know those personality tests that tell you whether your right brain or left brain is dominant? They always tell me that I’m right down the middle. Modelling helps me to access that other side of my brain. It allows me to use my imagination in a way architecture didn’t let me.

For me, modelling releases a side of me that’s been suppressed for a long time – it’s time to let it have some space.’

Oh Comely Interview with Lady T

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