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Jonathan Farningham and Suzon Lagarde in 'Isolation'

Exhibition – “Isolation”

Blanco Gallery

Start date: 18-04-2020

Blanco Gallery is showcasing “Isolation” an online exhibition of work by UK based artists, exploring the situation in which we all find ourselves due to Coronavirus. The exhibition discusses how people adapt to their new context and how art continues to thrive despite the circumstances.

At some point in our lives, we have felt the need to be alone. Therefore, we may avoid those surrounding us and opt for a moment of isolation. On the other hand, when isolation becomes mandatory and indefinite, we must learn to adapt and instead carry out our lives within the confines of our homes. As a diversion, we seek shelter within our inner universe. We can create, disconnect, meditate, cocoon and simply let time be. This process is not necessarily negative. Our previous life was hectic, demanding and constrained us in different ways and the consequences were felt by us and our planet. Now the opportunity is thrust upon us to re-evaluate and connect with the people we love. We aim to inspire visitors and foster hope in this challenging time.

On display are over twenty paintings including portraits and still life, by contemporary artists: Daniel Munday, Suzon Lagarde, Preslav Kostov, David Hopkins, Owain Hunt, Jonathan Ambrose, Kelly Frank and Jonathan Farningham. Some of the pieces have been created exclusively for this exhibition. The exhibition will be available online from 18-04-2020 until the end of the quarantine.