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Heatherleys Highlight: Alumna Jeanie Gibbs exhibits in, If You’re Lost, This Is Where You Can Be Found

16 - 19 November 2023


Heatherleys Highlight: If You’re Lost, This Is Where You Can Be Found

Sculpture Diploma Alumna Jeanie Gibbs exhibited in the group show, ‘If You’re Lost, This Is Where You Can Be Found’.
Jeanie Gibbs

This exciting exhibition, curated by Eva Yates and Kate McClenaghen, presented a variety of painting and sculpture by 18 students from the Royal College of Art and emerging artists.


‘If You’re Lost, This Is Where You Can Be Found’ explores the urban fabric that Londoners choose to surround themselves with, amplifying the morphology of the beautifully neglected immediate environment. This city is a place thick with infrastructure, twists and turns. An industrial continuum of tunnelling, construction, mechanics, metal, concrete and petrol.

The group exhibition of early career artists is taking place at Safehouse, Peckham. Instead of escapism, the artists in this show engage with the urban framework as the material fabric of the work itself. The lines between Safehouse and the art are blurred, offering a place for connection by creating an immersive and visceral environment through painting and sculpture.



16 – 19 November 2023
Safehouse 2 Peckham

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