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Danny Pockets (Danny Cuming) Exhibition

6th - 31st May

An exhibiton of work by Danny Pockets (Danny Cuming)
Curated by Sarah Cuming

Sarah Cuming “I have chosen works for this show with Heatherleys in mind. Danny LOVED his time teaching here.. despite the long, and frequently disrupted, train journey from St Leonards on Sea. He felt truly at home in the building, amongst the students, and the staff.

Throughout the illness, and the punishing treatments he very much wanted to find a window to return to teaching. He tried several times, but it was very hard, and he wanted to concentrate on his own work too.

These paintings are a very personal choice. Many are the ones I hang at home. I’m so glad they will be shown at Heatherleys”

Danny Pockets
(Daniel Lee Cuming)
5th November, 1964 – 12th March, 2018

Danny Pockets’ work is an aggregation of forms and ideas that transcends the material from which it is constructed. Pockets painted oil and acrylic on canvas and board and augmented his work with media such as chinagraph pencil, shellac, spray paint, recycled or found objects and often sound and light. Pockets’ art emerged from his highly developed studio practice, influenced by Robert Rauschenberg, who claimed “a painting is more like the real world if it’s made out of the real world”. Pockets frequently salvaged packaging to create a textured surface for his paint.

Around 1995, responding to a perceptible change in the urban landscape, he began ‘Congregation’ and ‘Phoenix Arcadia’, two series of paintings of shopfronts, abandoned amusement arcades, fairground rides and chip shops – the architecture of a people at play. A nation in transition.

6th – 31st May

Pritate View: Information to follow shortly