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Composition Class Exhibition



17 Jan – 5 Feb 2022

This exhibition shows the work done by students in my two classes. In these classes students are encouraged and coaxed into discovering a pathway that is personal and relates to their interests and ambitions. They follow their instincts and through the use of mixed media and discourse with fellow students to bring into being a consciousness that is manifest in a visual language that they have arrived at that is their own.

The practice we follow entails a lot of investigative drawing in the widest sense meaning a use of different media collage photography , paint, from primary and secondary sources.
Each term we explore different themes that encompass literature , film, the natural world and the human figure.

Discussion is integral to the program often using the television to look at different artist’s work and of current exhibitions of both historical and contemporary.
The work shown here reveals the journey from representation to a quasi abstraction and to some extent, total abstraction. Often beginning with the human figure as a starting point in order to arrive at an awareness of composition through considerations of space ,structure and colour which can involve landscape, architecture interior and exterior.

Tutor George Levantis


Works from the exhibition