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Painting from Direct Observation


7 - 11 August

Bookings for this course will be released on 1-Mar-2023 at 11:00



Painting from Direct Observation

Themed workshops relating to working from direct observation, colour mixing and perception will support your practice, as well as demonstrations given by your tutor. Structured activities during the first half of the week will lead into the sustained development of a still life painting. This course is suitable for students who already have some experience of drawing and painting independently.

Tutor: Kate Hopkins and Ian Rowlands
Course #: SC21
7 – 11 August 2022
10.00am – 4.00pm

Topics to be covered

• Picture plane and measure
• Colour into tone
• Lost edges – spaces between
• Restricted palette
• Extended palette
• Painting language
• Painting mediums – best practice

Materials List

Oil Paint – Basic Palette
Titanium white
Cadmium lemon (or Winsor lemon)
Cadmium yellow medium
Cadmium red
Alizarin crimson
Ultramarine blue
Cerulean or Cobalt or Pthalo blue
Ivory black

Sansodor (odour free solvent)

Pure sable or nylon sizes 2 and 4
Hog hair sizes 4 and 8
Rigger size 1 or 2
Palette knife

Paper towels
Two screw top jars
Palette (tear-off or wooden)

Apron or old shirt
75ml Linseed stand oil
75ml Liquin original (speeds drying)