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Student Stories

View a range of stories from past and present Heatherley’s students:
Camilla CannonCamilla Cannon
The Portrait Diploma
’Doing the Portrait Diploma at Heatherleys has been a life-changing and transformative experience for me. I arrived at Heatherleys as a complete novice, and slowly, and at times suddenly, have gained knowledge, insight and understanding. I have surprised myself and most of all been in the presence of true greatness, both in my fellow students and tutors alike.

In my 2nd year I came to a point where I felt like an artist, not an art student. The course enables the student to find one’s own visual language and explore a myriad of ways to approach painting the figure in oils.

I have found the teaching to be inspirational and thorough. Having a variety of tutors over the 2 years means there is no house style and no opportunity to become complacent. The tutors are honest; though supportive they are not there to hold your hand. This makes for strong students and a healthy student/tutor relationship. Ideas are thrashed out and many breakthroughs are made.

As the school is very well connected in the London figurative art scene it is a great way to make useful contacts and launch your career as a painter. I have met some wonderful people who I will stay in touch with long after I have graduated from the school. One of the most important things I will take away from my time at Heatherleys is that through dedication, commitment and an open mind one can go places that you never thought possible.’
About Heatherley's
Founded in 1845, The Heatherley School of Fine Art is one of the oldest independent art schools in London, and is among the few art colleges in Britain that focus on portraiture, figurative painting, printmaking, illustration and sculpture.
Heatherley’s is controlled by The Thomas Heatherley Educational Trust.
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