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Diploma and Post Diploma in Sculpture

Sustained Courses in Figurative Sculpture

The Heatherley Diploma in Figurative Sculpture offers a balance between the traditional skills and techniques of sculpture and the contemporary applications of figurative subject matter. The aim of the course is to give students a vocabulary of sculptural ideas that will enable them to develop their own programme of work by the end of the course. Visiting lecturers include members of The Royal Society of British Sculptors and The Society of Portrait Sculptors who also act as external assessors for the course.

Students will relate their work to a context of historical and contemporary practice of sculpture by means of a background of lectures, seminars and gallery visits. By the end of the first year students will have completed a series of projects introducing them to fundamental techniques necessary for the development of personal creativity. Throughout the second year, students are encouraged to develop and enrich a personal visual language. The challenging of assumptions about the physical world in which we live, the recognition of the power of an interior world of the imagination and the need to develop a means of communication are the driving forces of this part of the course. Students continue to receive specialised instruction in technical processes, including welding and carving in wood and stone, and to develop a personal sensibility in relation to the nature of materials.
Admission Requirements
APPLICANTS FOR SEPTEMBER 2017: Please complete the full time application form and post or email to the school. You will then be contacted by the school to arrange a suitable date and time for interview.

Applicants should be highly self-motivated and are asked to bring a portfolio of recent work. As well as examples of three dimensional work, there should also be evidence of drawing ability and an awareness of contemporary art and design issues. Whilst completion of an art foundation course is desirable, a sustained commitment to non-vocational classes and courses would also be regarded as acceptable experience.

Term Dates
AUTUMN 2016 - 12 weeks
Monday 26 September - Saturday 17 December
SPRING 2017 - 12 weeks
Monday 9 January - Saturday 1 April
SUMMER 2017 - 12 weeks
Monday 24 April - Saturday 15 July

The school is closed bank holiday Mondays 1 May and 29 May 2017.

FEES 2016-17
1st Year £8,720
2nd Year £8,635

Days of Study: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10am-4pm + additional life drawing class from 4.30pm-7pm either Tuesday or Wednesday.
Assessment and Tuition
There are two assessment stages during the course with the award of the Heatherley Diploma in Figurative Sculpture on the basis of a satisfactory final assessment at the end of the second year.
FOR MORE INFORMATION or to arrange an interview please telephone:
020 7351 4190 or

Post Diploma in Sculpture

A supportive framework of technical and tutorial assistance in advanced sculpture techniques. Students who have completed either the two year Diploma in Figurative Sculpture or similar study are offered a supportive framework of technical and tutorial assistance. Studio space is available on Thursdays and Fridays and model bookings can be arranged through the school office.
Seminar and discussion groups are arranged during the year and students may participate in an art history lecture programme. There will also be an exhibition of post graduate students’ work at the end of the course.
Full Time Application Form
Download and complete the application form for full time courses at Heatherleys
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