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íLine, Shape and Formí Sculpture Alumni Exhibition


Helen Burnett, Anne Civardi, Kate Henderson and Annie Parker

30th May – 9th June 2017
Private View: 6th June 5.30pm - 8pm
The Heatherley School of Fine Art

Helen, Anne, Kate and Annie met at Heatherley’s almost 15 years ago when they were studying for their Sculpture Diplomas – the very first students at Heatherley’s to do so. This life-changing course set them on the path to establishing their own professional sculpture studio in Fulham.

Since then, these four passionate artists have worked closely together, while still retaining their own unique styles using a wide variety of materials – wood, stone, steel, plaster, bronze, resin and even concrete. They all share the same fascination, if not obsession, with line, shape and form. Their sculptures have been exhibited and sold internationally.

Kate Henderson
Kate’s sculpture is based on a purity and simplicity of form and finish, creating sensual objects that beg to be touched. These very modern pieces are crafted using traditional skills and tools, and the finished results reflect Kate’s passion and creative freedom. Her instinctive appreciation of shape and form, coupled with a desire to enhance and celebrate the inherent qualities of the raw material, result in effortless, tactile and desirable objects. “Sculpting has always been a part of my life and over time it has grown into an essential part of my creative expression.”

Helen Burnett
Helen was trained in figurative sculpture in Brussels, working in clay and bronze. The works of Claudel, Rodin and Degas inspired her passion for clay.
On moving to London, she found Heatherley’s sculpture diploma to be both demanding and exciting. There she learned to carve stone and also developed a fascination for cutting and welding metal. Influenced by l’art brut (raw art), she has since created many of her sculptures from objects found in fields or skips, transforming their often ugly shapes into exotic and arresting forms. Fuelled by the works of Caro, Smith and Chillida, she paints them in strong colours to give them life and humour.

Anne Civardi
Anne carves in a variety of stone, including alabaster, which she chooses for its compelling shapes, translucency and natural beauty. She also casts her pieces in bronze, often highly polished.

The inspiration for the shell shapes and abstract pieces she creates comes from the endless hours she spent collecting and searching for shells and stones on the beaches of Kenya during her childhood. This passion has endured all her life. She also enjoys carving female figures, especially those that evoke the love between a mother and a child. Anne has exhibited her work extensively and also undertakes commissions for both private and commercial clients.

Annie Parker
Annie discovered her love of stone at Heatherley’s. Having studied figurative portrait painting, the human head was the initial focus of her stone carvings. A series of animal heads and abstract bird shapes have seen her style become progressively more fluid.

“I try to express my vision using as few descriptive elements as possible. My aim is to transform the stone into an emotional expression that will touch people and communicate my passion, as well as provide visual pleasure. I am driven by the search for the perfect form, and I will go back endlessly to achieve a particular curve. It is a ceaseless struggle to extract the spirit from the stone.”
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