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Photographs from the Heatherley Summer Exhibition

We had a wondeful turn-out for our Annual Exhibition last week. Lord Robin Janvrin gave a great speech as our Guest of Honour and we were delighted to see our Patron, Lady Anya Sainsbury, and our President, Nicola Hicks.

Thank you to everyone who came and made it such a fabulous evening.

Please take a look at the gallery below to see if you can spot yourself. Photos of the work to follow shortly.
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Melissa Scott-Miller and Daniel Shadbolt Robert Dukes and Andy Warrington Adebanji Alade and Roger Beckett Simon Davis and Andy James Vicky Zigras
Leo Bowyer Fred Crayk Tony Mott       Gil Whyman and Sarah Bell Daniel Bibby and Noreen O’Sullivan
Sharon Keenan, Susan Engledow and Robert Dukes Antony Williams, Daphne Todd OBE, Robert Dukes and Miriam Escofet Leo Bowyer and Claire Ireland Nicola Hicks, Isabel Bingley and Veronica Ricks
Susan Collins John Walton, Lady and Lord Janvrin Alice Walton and George Levants Isabel Bingley Susan Collins and Antony Williams
Noreen O’Sullivan and Miriam Escofet Renata Danobeitia Susan Wilson and Susan Collins Gil Whyman and Harriet Doherty
Lord Robin Janvrin Veronica Ricks and Deputy Mayor Will Pascale Simon Davis, Andy James and Gianluca Rotelli Stephen Bartley and Alison Smith Robin Hazlewood
Marguerite Horner, Nicola Hicks and Isabel Bingley Adebanji Alade  Veronica Ricks and George Levantis Veronica Ricks and Deputy Mayor Will Pascale
Paul Benney, Renata Danobeitia, Minna Stevens Lady Janvrin, Nicola Hicks, Paul Benney Sarah Bell and Lord Janvrin Lisa Puhlhofer and Lord Janvrin
Harriet Doherty and Lord Janvrin Renata Danobeitia and Lord Janvrin The Prizewinners Clive Duncan Berni Timko and Atul Vohora
Berni Timko, Daniel Shadbolt and Atul Vohora View from the terrace Lord and Lady Sainsbury Lady Sainsbury, Daphne Todd OBE and Lord Sainsbury Lady Anya Sainsbury
Max Feldman Lady Anya Sainsbury Lord Sainsbury Roger Beckett  Gianluca Rotelli
Alex Wheeler Kate Cledwyn Sophie Balhetchet and Mike McNay
Sarah Bell, Andy James and Miriam Escofet Alex Duncan and Clive Duncan Winston Branch and Jane Clatworthy Mike McNay
Lynne Sayer   Robert Dukes and Alex Fowler Alice Walton, George Levants and Amanda Hayes
Sally Shillito   Miriam Escofet and Ilaria Del Turco
Alice Beckett Antony Williams   Caroline Payne and Celia Normand Jane Clatworthy Fred Crayk
Sarah Bell  Lisa Puhlhofer
Jenny Faye Hock Tee Tan, Rob Turvey and George Levantis Philip Gibbs  Neil Harvey
Louise Thomas and Rob Turvey Yvonne Langley Sophie Aude and Daniel Bibby Daniel Bibby and Diana Horton Primrose Braby
Ilaria Del Turco and Tim Benson Hero Johnson and Roger Beckett Liz Castledine, Jenny Faye and Sue Axbey
Sally Davis
Anna McNay   Flora Watson and Tony Mott Jean Kegel
Jean Kegel  Jean Kegel  Victoria, Pru and David
Hilary Daltry and Fred Crayk Eve Petitt Jane Maxwell Anne Waller
Robert Dukes  Flora Malpas Ron Best   Hero Johnson and Foxbury Johnson
Veronica Ricks en famille     
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