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Photos from the Bankside Staff Show Private View

Thank you to everyone who joined us last Thursday at the Bankside Gallery for our third annual Staff Show Private View. We were delighted to see so many friends, old and new, turn up and support us.

The highlight of the evening (aside from the fabulous work on the walls of course) was our vodka luge ice sculpture of Rodin’s ’The Thinker’. Sadly he couldn’t last forever and at the end of the night a small procession took him out to the banks of the river and ceremoniously threw him into the Thames where he melted away to the sea.

The event was officially opened by our new President, Nicola Hicks.

For those who weren’t able to make it, take a look at the gallery below to see what you missed. And make sure you’re able to come next year!
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Sarah Longman and Anna Babovic Nick the ice sculptor Juan, Helena and Sarah Sarah Longman and Max Feldman Max Feldman
Sarah Longman and Hock Tee Tan Paulina Pluta Sarah  Daniel Bibby Tim Benson
Veronica Ricks and Daniel Bibby Melissa Scott Miller and Allan Ramsay Melissa, Allan and Juliet Rydal Hanbury Sarah Longman and Tim Benson
Hanne Kjaersgaard and Adebanji Alade Paulina Pluta, Daniel Bibby and Tony Mott John Dean and Sam Bond Sally Davies Max Feldman
Hero Johnson and Richard Coulson Hock Tee Tan and Adebanji Alade Rachel, Adebanji, Yvonne and Helen Amanda, John, Susan, Alice, Jenny and Alice.
Allistair Hoppy Goodson-Wickes and Melissa Scott-Miller Sarah Longman and Patrick Palmer Max Feldman
Robert Dukes Anna   Hanne Kjaersgaard
Rachel Langley Susan Engledow and Robert Dukes Susan Engledow and Robert Dukes Allan and Anna Selina He
Claire Ireland and Jason Bowyer Ian Rowlands and Mr Moran Roger Marwood and Kate Cledwyn Adebanji Alade, Tim Benson, John Walton and Paulina Pluta
Adebanji Alade and Mary Volk Veronica Ricks and Uta Brouet Vicky Zigras Tim Lawson-Cruttenden
John Dean and Sam Bond Roger Marwood and Pam Scott Graham Benson and Sir Alan Parker Graham Benson and Sir Alan Parker Robin Hazlewood and Harriett Gilbert
Gisela Moritz Sarah Burton and James Betts Sharon Keenan  David Stubbs Gisela Moritz
Sir Allan Parker Hilary Daltry and Colleen Quill Pam and Sam Susan Engledow and Philip Gibbs Daniel Bibby and Ian Rowlands
Sarah, Daniel and Ian Veronica Ricks   David Stubbs, Hero Johnson, Tim Benson and Minna Stevens Nicola Hicks Nicola Hicks
Lucy Mellor, Daniel Shadbolt and Jason Bowyer. Tony Mott and Uta Brouet Fred Crayk Nick Eldridge and Claire Ireland Uta Brouet, Veronica Ricks and Philip Gibbs
Uta, Veronica and Phil Francois Pont Hero Johnson and Atul Vohora
Hero Johnson and Atul Vohora Sir Alan Parker and Philip Gibbs Rodin and Sarah David Waddell, Jane Gordon Clarke and Raymond Wilson Jean Kegel and Alex Guiton
Jean Kegel and Alex Guiton Genevieve French  Esther Sanz and Marta Wojtczak Esther Sanz and Marta Wojtczak
Geraldine Higson Sarah Bell Carmela, Jean and Mary Harriet Doherty Ian Rowlands
Paul   Mr and Mrs Purcell Nicola Hicks and David Waddell Marianne Braganza Coll McDonnell
Sarah Bell Tim Lawson-Cruttenden Ray Wilson Lorna Lawson-Cruttenden
Hilary Daltry and Maggie Jennings Sarah Shaw Sir Alan Parker   Rebecca Hathaway and David Stubbs Joy
Paul Pickering and Fred Crayk Sally Shillito and Alice Beckett
David Stubbs and Atul Vohora Tony Mott and Genevieve French Pierre Coll McDonnell and Atul Vohora Fred Crayk
Allan and Raymond Ron Best and Hilary Daltry Ian Rowlands (Ian, Ian) and Hanne Kjaersgaard Sarah and Anna
Ian Rowlands, Atul Vohora and Patrick Palmer Ian, Atul, Patrick and Allan Patrick Palmer and Allan Ramsay
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